Alternative Party Drinksware ... December 03 2013

I’ve been on the lookout for some unconventional party glassware over the last couple of weeks and have stumbled upon absolute gems.

Vino Mug and Bottoms Up Beer Glass

These raised a wee smile on my face and would be the perfect conversational point at your next drinks party. I want to buy half a dozen!

Jelloware Edible Cups

These edible tumblers are perfect for a kids party or for the host who hates the post-party-clean-up.

Produced by NYC-based design consultancy, The Way We See The World, who are on an eco-friendly mission. 

Portable wine Coasters

Ok, so not technically glassware but lovely none the less. The Dimlim felt wine coasters are both pretty and super simple at the same time.

Perfect Design for the surface conscious host.

Bathing Girls Tea Set

Finish on a naughty idea for your next tea party.


This cheeky Bathing Girls Tea Set designed by Esther Horncher makes it look like you’ve got a naked lady bathing in your tea. It’s sure to get a reaction, if nothing else!