An Art Deco Stationery Collection or Two... September 26 2013

Here at Skinny Malink we love a bit of Art Deco, who doesn’t?

We’ve designed two stationery collection based completely around this diverse and eclectic style.

The ‘Classic Deco’ range of stationery takes a gentle more minimal approach to the style.

These sets are available in Black or a gold-nude colour. They are also fully personalised for every customer, free of charge. To see the whole collection, click here.

The ‘Bold Deco’ Collection is, well… more bold than the Classic range.

It’s focal heavier geometric header and footer is also printed as a continuous pattern on the reverse of all the stationery.  

Also available in black and Nude, this collection is guaranteed to go down a storm with your guests.

Take a look at the full range here.