Skinny Maink are off to Aberdeen... October 12 2013

We're so excited to be heading north tomorrow morning to meet with some lovely Aberdonian brides and grooms-to-be.

We'll be exhibiting as part of The Vintage Wedding Show and as a wee welcome introduction, they set out a few Q&A questions for us, here's the result...


Where are you based? Edinburgh

Describe your business:

A background anchored firmly in fashion and design has been the foundation of Skinny Malink. We offer wedding stationery and event design for the style conscious couple looking for an alternative to the classic white wedding. We work with each couple on a one-to-one basis delivering events that reflect each couple as individuals. Our online store features our wide range of originally designed wedding stationery. We’re creative thinkers and encourage clients to think beyond the obvious.

Favourite stationery suite?

Our ‘Gatsby’ range of Wedding Stationery. This collection was a labour of love, it was also the 1st range we produced for our online shop of personalised stationery.  Our aim was to produce a collection that you couldn’t find elsewhere on the market but more importantly, we wanted a range that steered clear of the satin-ribbons and pearlescent paper that are now so common. Sadly, I think many couples have a uniformed idea of what wedding stationery HAS to look like. The Gatsby range was conjured to make brides and grooms realise there’s more to wedding stationery than the old, tired ideas.

What are you most looking forward to at the Vintage Wedding Show?

I’m looking forward to meeting likeminded couples who are on the lookout for some unconventional solutions and ideas for their big day.

Where did you get married? Describe your day:

My lovely husband and I tied the knot in Krakow, Poland. Neither one of us has any Polish heritage but it was the 1st place that we went on holiday together and absolutely fell for the city; architecture; lifestyle; people and food. Both of us always wanted to get married abroad with our close family & friends and Poland was our 1st choice.  We enjoyed a lovely ceremony in a 16th century villa (Villa Decius) followed by an evening of much food; drink; dancing and hilarity in a decadent basement venue until the small hours (Piano Rouge on Rynek Glowny). It was our kind of perfect!

Your first dance song:

My husband and I share a love for Jarvis Cocker (he was my 1st love - limp-wristed dance moves, NHS spectacles and all) so it was very apt that we picked Pulp, Something Changed for our 1st dance.

Best loved era:

The early 1960’s would be my era of choice. As my background is in Menswear design the early 60’s is (in my option) the best era for style - tailored suits, narrower lapels, neater collars, slimmer trousers and thinner ties. Put these all together and it makes for a sharp look (think of Tom Ford’s movie, A Single Man). I also adore the colouring from the period (navys; greys; and browns) this era is seriously suave. Unfortunately it tapers off towards the end of the decade through to the early 70’s - the colours become a bit too garish; the ties become too kipperish and the trousers become too flared.

Most Loved Film Star:

It has to be Robert De Niro and not just because he was so incredibly handsome in films like The Deer Hunter, The Godfather and Casino… he’s a fantastically talented actor as well.  An incredibly handsome, talented actor…what’s not to love?

Skinny Malink will be exhibiting at the Vintage Wedding Show on Sunday 13th October from 11am - 4pm at the Cowdray Hall in Aberdeen and then again at the Trades Hall in Glasgow on Sunday 27th October.